Half Cubic Foot Bag

Half Cubic Foot Bag

Soil3 Organic Humus Bagged Compost

SOIL3 Cubic Foot Bag is just the right size of bagged compost


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Organic compost neatly packed in a small bag.
Transportable. Clean. Easy to store, load, and unload by hand.
  • Volume of small bag: Half (.5) a cubic foot (3.74 gallons)
  • For project ideas, see Soil3 Applications
  • Price is $6.99

Grab these smaller bags for smaller tasks:
  • Renovating bad spots in the lawn: bald, bare, thin grass
  • Filling in holes, ruts, trenches
  • Seasonal pots, containers, boxes
  • Propagation & potting up
  • Mulching new perennials, shrubs, trees
  • Mulching established perennials and shrubs to invigorate (the author did this to her blueberries, clematis, & roses and is wowed by the healthy new growth)

How much Soil3 do you need for your project?

Use our calculator to plan how much you should order.


  • Manageable by hand: simply open one end, hold upside down, and distribute.
  • For ease-of-use, unload your bags near your project area.
  • To read about how to use in your beds & borders and in your lawn, see How to Use Soil3

Easily loaded into any vehicle, swing by and let us load you up with a few!

Contact us at a nearby Super-Sod Outlet for pick-up or delivery of Soil3.