Cubic Yard of Compost in a BigYellowBag®

Bulk Compost & Bulk Soil For Sale

A cubic yard of Soil3 is the ideal package for bulk compost delivery. Purchasing Soil3 compost in a cubic yard bag is cost-efficient for large lawn and garden projects and available for delivery. While other bulk compost orders arrive in a truck that dumps soil on your driveway, delivery of a cubic yard bag ensures a clean driveway along with neat packaging. Bulk compost in a cubic yard bag is a big solution for soil problems of all sizes.  

Cubic Yard of Bulk Compost in a BigYellowBag


Ordering Information

  • Weight: approx. 1,200 lbs (weight varies with moisture content over time)
  • Price: $178.00 on sale for $158 until March 31st
  • Includes Local Delivery
Delivery is restricted to Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina when ordering over the website.

Delivery and Use:

  • Mark an X with chalk, sticks, or shovels on your driveway and we’ll deliver to that spot. No need to be at home to take delivery.
  • Our BigYellowBag will keep your hardscaping and landscaping clean!
  • For ease of use, mark an X near your project area so the BigYellowBags are delivered as close to your project as possible. We cannot drive our equipment down slopes and into dangerous situations, but we will accommodate placement as best we can.
  • Homeowners: Distribute using a shovel straight out of the top of the bag.
  • Landscapers: Easily distribute the cubic yard bag using a skid-steer loader or similar equipment.

Project Ideas:

Why the BigYellowBag?

  • It's BIG! We cram a full 1 cubic yard of Soil3 organic compost into this BigYellowBag.
  • Value: Bulk compost saves money.
  • Ease: No lugging of multiple small bags from the trunk of your car to your garden.
  • Cleaner: No mess in your car or pile of dirt in the driveway.
  • It's fun! The bright BigYellowBag is cheerful.
  • It's Reusable: How will you use your bag when the compost is empty? You can use it in your garage to collect trash or you can return it to Super-Sod to receive $5 off your next order of a BigYellowBag.