Garden Soil

Garden Soil

Garden Soil in a Raised BedOur approach to Organic Gardening is this: Nature had it right long before folks started adding chemicals to soil and fertilizers. 

The first step in organic gardening is improving and amending garden soil. This is because soil quality (structure, texture, consistency, porosity, and color) is critical to healthy plants. The spongy texture Soil3 compost has improves soil quality and balances pH as well. Plus, the rich dark color tells you that it's nutrient rich. 

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Uses for Soil3 in Your Garden

Pick which of the following Soil3 applications best suits your needs:

Vegetable Gardening

Shrub Installation

Flower Beds

Potting Soil


So how does Soil3 make your organic gardening better?

  • Our soil compost mix aids in retaining moisture in sandy soils and conversely aids in creating better drainage in heavy clay soils;
  • Your plants will grow larger and quicker than ever before because of the natural, slow release of composted nutrients, the microorganisms inherent in compost, and the improved soil quality;
  • Compost has been proven to help discourage the onset and success of common diseases and, as organic compost, Soil3 is a superior agent in the campaign against diseases.



Ready to Start Using Soil3 in Your Gardening?

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