New Lawn Preparation

Do you want your new lawn to take root and growth strong and healthy? You bet you do. Use Soil³ for new lawn preparation. Prepare your new lawn site before you seed, sod or plant. With a little up-front effort in spreading Soil3, your seeded lawn will amaze you. Soil3 is a humus-compost excellent to use as soil amendment, growing medium, topsoil and more.  
New Lawn Prep with Soil3

Soil³ humus-compost is used for yard renovation projects to ensure that any new lawn is prepared to grow healthy and rich with nutrients. 

  Why Soil3 is great for New Lawn Prep

  • Improves soil structure through moisture retention
  • Adds organic nutrients and micro-organisms to your soil
  • Minimizes, or even eliminates, the need for chemicals and fertilizers
  • Lawn disease suppression
  • Read more benefits of using Soil3 for your lawn!

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How to Prepare a New Lawn:

  1. Determine the location of your new lawn or layout the area you want to replant
  2. Remove weeds or large objects from the soil
  3. Thoroughly work over the soil; we recommend using a tiller to break the soil down to the desired size 

Once ground preparation is complete, you can use Soil³ for your new lawn by amending your soil as topsoil. Organic Soil³ alters soil structure to absorb the necessary moisture and nutrients into your soil. Once your soil is prepared, it serves as the basis for your grass seed. Soil³ can be spread over the top over your existing soil during new lawn preparation as nutritious mulch. After Soil³ has been added to the soil, cover the seed with some dirt. 


Order Soil3 Organic Humus Compost

We will deliver Soil³ to you!

Have a growing to-do list but ready to prepare your soil for a new lawn with Soil³? For your convenience, we will deliver the BigYellowBag® to your location. We offer Soil³ in a small half cubic foot bag or a cubic yard, the BigYellowBag®. You can also visit your local Soil³ dealer to pick up a small half cubic foot bag of Soil³.

Get in touch with a local dealer to order your Soil3 and start preparing for your new lawn today!