Seeding a New Lawn with Soil3

Seeding a New Lawn with Soil3

Do you want your lawn to take your breath away? Bet you do. With a little up-front effort in spreading Soil3 compost, your seeded lawn will amaze you. When seeding a new lawn, you'll need enough Soil3 for seedbed preparation and for a nutritious mulch and treatment after planting grass seed.

Using Soil3 during seedbed preparation:
Till Soil3 into your entire lawn area. Thorough how-to instructions on Seedbed Preparation are on our Super-Sod site.

For seedbed preparation:
1 cubic yard of Soil3 will cover 1,000 sq. ft.
2 cubic yards of Soil3 will cover 2,000 sq. ft.


Follow with Soil3 as a nutritious mulch and treatment after planting grass seed:

  • Topdressing grass seed turf sod lawn with Soil3 Using a spreader, spread seed first, followed by an application of Soil3.
  • Using a spreader or shovel, distribute a very thin layer of Soil3 on top of seeds just to the point of lightly covering (no more than 1/4" thick - any deeper with smoother the seed - adequate light speeds germination). Careful: not too much.


Read about the benefits of using Soil3 compost as a nutritious mulch over turfgrass seed, instead of wheat straw: Soil3 vs. Wheat Straw. This is applicable in all seeded situations, from the home landscape to commercial sod production.
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Case Studies showcasing growing a lawn with Soil3 compost:

Watch our video and learn how to plant or seed a new lawn from grass seed!