Organic Soil For Sale

Organic Soil For Sale

Use Soil3 as organic garden soil – no mixing needed.

Learn more about our Soil3 garden soil for sale, then visit our product page to view product options. 

Soil3 is an organic humus compost soil mix that can be used directly as growing media for a container garden (potting soil) or raised garden bed. Soil3 can be used for all types of gardening.You can also use Soil3 as your main garden soil or for any top soil needs. It is created from our very own sod farm grass clippings, wheat straw, local cow manure and beneficial microorganisms. Learn more.

If you're unsure of how much Soil3 you need for your project, use our calculator and select your project type!

Soil3 as Organic Soil
Because Soil3 is free of chemical ingredients but does contain healthy nutrients, it creates a strong soil structure.  Using Soil3 as organic soil
provides you with very dark, moist soil that is ready for planting. Order Organic Soil for Growing Medium here

Folks may not consider any soil to be inorganic; after all, it is dirt. There is a difference, however, between most soil and organic soil.  This organic soil has been approved for certified organic gardening. The ingredients it contains and its specific design to promote healthy growth of vegetables or other gardens or plants while naturally fighting off harmful pathogens (the good microorganisms outcompete the bad microorganisms). 

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