Best Gifts for Gardeners

Doc's Raised Garden Kit + Soil3

Doc's raised garden beds as a giftFind the best gifts for gardeners in your life at Soil3. Gardener's of all ages and skill levels will love Doc's Raised Garden Kits

Doc's Kits include:


Great Gardening Gifts For:

1) Vegetable Gardeners
  • Beginners will appreciate the approachable size and ease of use

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    Seasoned gardeners will see noticeably larger and more bountiful produce due to the benefits of growing in raised beds plus the use of Soil3 organic compost

2) Kids of All Ages
  • Great for teaching children how to grow food: they can have their “own bed” and the raised borders will keep their curious little selves out of the bed, preventing soil compaction
  • Satisfying for the elderly because of the improved, easier-to-garden Soil3 compost and elevated beds (easier on the joints, less bending)

3) Gardens in Every Size & Style
  • One or two beds can easily fit in small gardens, instantly creating ample production space
  • Four or more beds can be laid out in quadrants in large garden areas set aside specifically for vegetable growing
  • Classical, modern, formal, or natural gardens . . . Doc's Kits are trim and tidy wood beds that will blend in, can be featured as a focal point, or be tucked to the side. Doc's Raised Garden Kits will fit any garden style.

4) Friends and Family
  • Affordable
  • Years of continuous use

Looking for more gifts for the gardeners in you life? Go to our products page to view all the gardening supplies we offer, and find an outlet near you to order Soil3 today!