Best Soil for Shrubs

Best Soil for Shrubs

Soil3 Prepares Your Soil for Shrub Border Installation

Soil3 is the best soil for shrubs

Soil preparation is the first step in creating a shrub border. Use Soil3 to improve your existing soil structure to ensure that your border of shrubs is established successfully. Using Soil3 to prepare your soil is one of the best things you can do for your plants; and here's why.

Because Soil3 is pure organic matter (humus), it builds soil structure to aid in the retention of nutrients and improves compacted soils. Further, in sandy soils it improves water retention and in clay soils it improves aeration and drainage. 
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While the uses are many, a shrub border must be cared for and established in a different way than a single shrub or tree requires. A single shrub or tree can be transplanted into existing soil with little difficulty; an entire border, however, requires more nutrients.

You'll find that the properties found in Soillend to healthier, stronger plants and improved soil structure.


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