Humus Compost Benefits

Organic humus compost has distinct advantages over regular compost and is the richest of top soils. Benefits of organic humus compost include:

  • Natural and safe way to build good soil structure
  • Helps reduce compaction
  • Improves aeration
  • Neutralizes pH
  • Increases nutrient retention
  • Suppresses diseases in lawns or gardens by introducing micro-organisms into the soil

Soil3: The Superior Organic Humus Compost

Reduces The Need For Harsh Chemicals

Soil3 is OMRI Listed for certified organic gardening. As the trusted choice for organic humus compost, Soil3 minimizes the need for harmful chemicals. Our compost grows stronger, healthier plants which also minimizes the need for chemicals. Reducing the need for harsh chemicals is just one benefit to using Soil3 humus compost. Read more about Chemical Free Lawn Care.

Long Season Growing Without Fertilizer

Soil3 provides enough nutrients for season-long growing. No need to apply additional fertilizer. We have tested this in raised beds for up to four years without additional fertilizer!

4x The Water Retention of Regular Soil

Another great factor is the ability of Soil3 to retain moisture in sandy soils. With four times the water retention of regular soil, drought and water restrictions will not be as damaging to gardens or lawns. Conversely, because it's humus compost, Soil3 improves drainage in heavy clay soils.

What's in Soil3? See how our 100% Organic Compost is made!

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