Soil3 Level Mix

Soil3 Level Mix makes leveling your yard easy while giving your grass a boost of organic nutrients and beneficial properties. Soil3 Level Mix Logo

What is Soil3 Level MixTM?

  • It's a 30% Soil3 organic compost and 70% sand blend.
  • Sand alone brings no nutrients or microbial value while Soil3 has tons of both.
  • Sand brings in structure and leveling properties while Soil3 brings in rich nutrients and beneficial bacteria that your lawn needs too.
  • Topdressing with Level Mix is done to level turf and create a smooth even surface without bumps or depressions.
  • Learn how to level a yard with Soil3 Level Mix

Ordering Information

  • Weight: approx. 2,000 to 2,200 lbs (weight varies with moisture content over time)
  • Price: $178.00
  • Includes Local Delivery
  • Rate: 1 cubic yard of Level Mix will level 500 square feet of lawn 

Order from a local Soil3 dealer and have the BigYellowBag® delivered to you. BigYellowBags are also available for pick-up at our locations.