Soil3 Uses & Applications

How and When to Use Organic Compost

Soil3 organic humus compost has many benefits and can be used in a variety of ways to make your plants stronger and healthier. Click on the links below for information about how to use Soil3 for all of your outdoor projects.

  Gardening Soil
Soil3 is an OMRI listed, nutrient-rich garden soil for you flowers, vegetables, and shrubs. 

  Laying New Sod
Laying new sod with Soil3 will keep your grass healthy in its new home!

  Topdressing Existing Sod
Use Soil3 to top-dress your lawn and the improvement will be dramatic. 

  Seeding a New Lawn
Treat your newly applied turfgrass seed with Soil3 organic humus compost for a thick, green lawn.  

  Chemical-Free Lawn Care
Soil3 is inoculated with beneficial soil microbes, N-fixing bacteria, and mycorrhizae, giving it the natural ability to suppress diseases in lawns or gardens.

  Vegetable Gardening
Use Soil3 in your vegetable gardens and reap the benefits of a bountiful harvest. 

  Raised Beds
Soil3 nurtures healthy roots and provides enough nutrients for season-long growing which makes it perfect for gardening in raised beds. No need to apply additional fertilizer. 

  Potting Soil
Nurture healthy container displays that will thrive thanks to vigorous roots and the moisture-retaining capacity of Soil3

  Organic Growing Media
Use Soil3 as your organic garden soil, and you’ll have no need to mix it with other soil-building additives. 

  Flower Bed Soil
As pure organic matter, Soil3 is the natural and safe way to build good soil structure for your flower beds.

  Soil for Shrub Borders
Soil3 gives you the perfect medium to transplant trees and shrubs into native soil or create a shrub border by mixing them with perennials and annuals.