Soil3 Testimonials

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The Best Compost & Lawn Fertilizer

If you need a little more convincing on why our garden soil is the best compost & lawn fertilizer out there, listen to what some of our customers have to say...

“Your driver did an excellent job of finding our house and putting the bags right where we wanted them."

-Derrick from Hickory, NC



“Last week a BigYellowBag of Soil3 was delivered to our house. Saturday my wife Diane said 'I would rather have this bag of compost than three new dresses.' You probably never expected this new product to bring such personal satisfaction to your customers. Thank you from one who benefited."

-Sandy from Valdosta, GA
Soil3 lawn fertilizer in BigYellowBags


“Thank you for a wonderful product . . . Used 3,000 pounds of Soil3 in raised beds."

-Suzanne from Perry, GA



“I am an advocate of your Soil3 product!"

-Mike in Ft. Valley, GA



“We purchased a Yellow Bag of Soil3 on April 10 @ the Home & Garden Show in Perry, GA. WOW are we impressed! We have used it in our vegetable garden (mainly), planters & repotting. We now don't want to be without it."

-Jimmy from Zebulon, GA



“My Super-Sod compost is in! 2 BigYellowBags. They are a cubic yard each (27 ft3 each - total 54 ft3) of the most beautiful compost I have ever seen. Even better than the bags displayed at the home show. Reminds me of coffee grounds in perfect consistency. I am straining at the bit to spread it over the yard in front of the wall I made last year, and of course, it is pouring buckets at a windy chilly 44°. When they said it would be at the door at 7:00am, they were not kidding. At 7:00am the door bell rang."

-Christopher from Lawrenceville, GA


“I would like to thank Super-Sod for their generous donation of four Doc's Raised Garden Kits. I am the master gardener who is teaching the Grace Village residents and was surprised when I discovered the kits on site yesterday. I have used Soil3 in other gardening endeavors and have been extremely pleased with it. I recommend it frequently. Your donated raised beds will be vital in the expansion of the garden this season."

-Walt from Perry, GA



“I purchased Soil3 last spring and used it when I planted. Still getting the largest Bell Peppers and Tomatoes I have ever gotten. Come spring I will certainly be at the Marietta Store for a BigYellowBag of Soil3. All my gardening is done in 4x4 and 4x8 beds so I can place them where they get the most sun. Thanks again and I am happy to say good things about this outstanding product."

-John from Marietta, GA



"We love it! It is amazing how well the part of our garden did, that we put on 2 big bags of Soil3 last year. The rest of the garden was, well… just 'so-so'!"

-Jan in Middle Georgia



"I am so incredibly excited as my co-worker has been raving about your soil non-stop for about a year now. I went online to look into it and I entered in the code and looks like I won a free BigYellowBag!"

-Lauren from Dunwoody, GA