The BigYellowBag

BigYellowBags of compost neat bags versus bulk mulch in driveway

What is the Big Yellow Bag?

The BigYellowBag® is a cubic yard bag made of sturdy tarp-like material. With yellow walls and a green top that ties to seal up your Soil3 organic compost, the BigYellowBag is both tidy and cheerful. However, the bright color scheme isn’t the BigYellowBag’s only advantage. The BigYellowBag provides benefits that are cost-effective, time-saving, and clean-up efficient.

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Money Savings 
- Buying compost in bulk saves money on those large projects, such as topdressing your lawn or filling raised garden beds.

Time and Energy Savings - With a BigYellowBag, there’s no time wasted lugging multiple cubic-foot bags from the trunk of your car to your garden.

Clean-Up Friendly -We deliver your BigYellowBag, so there’s no mess in your car, but there’s also no pile of dirt on your driveway, threatening to be tracked inside.

Reusable or Returnable - Once your bag is empty, you can use it to collect leaves, sticks, or even trash in your garage. However, when you order your next BigYellowBag, tell us you have a bag to return, and we’ll take $5 off your next order.

Yes, it really is BIG - We fit a full cubic yard of Soil3 organic compost into one bag. That’s 27 of those cubic feet bags you would be hauling to your back yard!

Delivery is Easy - Local delivery is included in the $178 price, and we’ll drop the BigYellowBag wherever our forklifts can reach without affecting the surrounding area. Just mark an “X” with garden tools or chalk where you want your Soil3 bag, and our drivers will place the BigYellowBag on that spot. 

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