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Reduces The Need For Harsh Chemicals

Reduces The Need For Harsh Chemicals

Soil3 is OMRI Listed for certified organic gardening. As the trusted choice for organic humus compost, Soil3 minimizes the need for harmful chemicals. Our compost grows stronger, healthier plants, minimizing the need for chemicals.

Season-Long Growing Without Fertilizer

Season-Long Growing Without Fertilizer

Soil3 provides enough nutrients for season-long growing. No need to apply additional fertilizer. We have tested Soil3 in raised beds for up to four years without additional fertilizer.

4x The Water Retention of Regular Soil

4x The Water Retention of Regular Soil

Another great factor is the ability of Soil3 to retain moisture in sandy soils. With four times the water retention of regular soil, drought and water restrictions will not be as damaging to gardens or lawns. Conversely, because it’s humus compost, Soil3 improves drainage in heavy clay soils.

Approved for Organic Gardening

Soil3 is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as a product for certified organic gardening. Many composts claim the word “organic,” but in reality are far from it. Check with OMRI ( to verify the authenticity of claims that any product is safe for organic gardening. We are OMRI Listed!


Soil³ is  humus compost comprised of grass clippings from our sod farm, wheat straw from our farm, and cow manure from a local dairy. We compost using a high heat method (160º) and add mycorrhizae. Beneficial microorganisms naturally colonize the compost as part of the process. You can use this compost as safe organic matter to improve your soil.

To ensure the safety of our compost, we run bioassays (a test using plants to look for symptoms) to monitor for herbicide carryover. 

  • Natural and safe way to build good soil structure
  • Helps reduce compaction
  • Improves aeration
  • Neutralizes pH – that means the pH of an acidic soil will be raised into a better pH range; likewise an alkaline pH will be lowered into a better pH range for plant health
  • Improves water retention in sandy soils; likewise improves drainage in compacted soils
  • Increases nutrient retention
  • Suppresses diseases in lawns and gardens by introducing microorganisms into the soil
  • No sludge (a.k.a. biosolids, the new code word for human waste)
  • No peanut hulls (peanut hulls carry a bacterial disease)
  • No vermiculite, perlite, or bark fillers
  • No peat filler (peat offers no benefits to plants, plus mining it destroys the fragile, ancient peat ecosystems)
  • No large particles or mulch-like texture – Soil3 is thoroughly composted and finished by screening for a fine-grained texture
  • No “killer compost” because the inputs were never treated with the class of persistent herbicides called pyridine carboxylic acids that contain picloram, clopyralid, aminopyralid, or aminocyclopyrachlor (Imprelis) – often found in horse manure

How Soil³ is made

Our compost is not created using random carbon and nitrogen sources that may be contaminated. We have control over the inputs – growing the sod and wheat ourselves and contracting with a dairy that feeds their livestock silage. It’s important to know where compost inputs come from and we tell you exactly about ours.

The dairy cow barn pads and our own windrow pads are made of sand. When the cow manure is scooped up sand is entering the compost. Likewise, when our windrows of cooking compost are wetted, turned, and finally scooped into the BigYellowBags some sand is entering the compost at those times, too.

We use Soil3 on our own clay-based fields and in our personal gardens and welcome this sand as an ingredient that improves drainage and soil structure.

Simple Delivery

Order your BigYellowBag of Soil³ and leave the delivery to us.

It’s time to get creative! Show us where to deliver your BigYellowBag. Draw an X on your driveway in sidewalk chalk. OR Cross tools to make an X where you want your BigYellowBag placed.

👍 If you can routinely drive your car to the location, we
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Soil³ Guarantee

When you buy our BigYellowBag of Soil³ we are so confident that you will be happy with the quality of our product, that if it’s not to your satisfaction when we deliver it, we will pick up the unused bag for FREE and give you a 100% refund.