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Another empty BigYellowBag.

Now, what to do with it?

Reuse it

You are welcome to keep the empty BigYellowBag and repurpose it. Some ideas: collect yard waste and storm debris, fill with lawn clippings or leaves before adding to your compost pile, cover your outdoor plants on frosty nights... get creative!

Return it to us!

Return your emptied, folded BigYellowBag to us. Here's how: 

  • Drop it off at your local Super-Sod store during business hours
  • Ask us to pick up your empty bag when you get a new Soil³ delivery - use it to mark the spot for your new BigYellowBag


Soil³ Gives Back to Gardens

For every 40 empty BigYellowBags returned, we'll donate one BigYellowBag filled with Soil³ compost to an organization in your area. These organizations are changing lives through the hard work of their members and volunteers - and through growing food. Their community and learning gardens are supporting hunger relief programs, ensuring diverse locally adaptable food systems, and teaching children about growing and sharing food. See the list of organizations below.

By returning your empty BigYellowBags, you'll be supporting their efforts. Thank you!

 All BigYellowBag returns now support Soil³ donations to charity. Any other BigYellowBag return programs have been discontinued.

Your Return Makes A Difference



BigYellowBags Donated

Through the summer, your returned BigYellowBags will support these gardening organizations:

Food Well Alliance - Atlanta, GA   BYB_new_40hSnagIt BYB_new_40hSnagIt BYB_new_40hSnagIt

Katie's Krops - Summerville, SC  BYB_new_40hSnagIt 

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle - Raleigh, NC   BYB_new_40hSnagIt BYB_new_40hSnagIt

The Utopian Seed Project - Asheville, NC  BYB_new_40hSnagIt

Leicester Library Giving Garden - Asheville, NC

Project Host - Greenville, SC  BYB_new_40hSnagIt 

West Blvd Ministry - Charlotte, NC  BYB_new_40hSnagIt BYB_new_40hSnagIt

Green Planet Veteran Farms - Warner Robins, GA  BYB_new_40hSnagIt BYB_new_40hSnagIt


BYB_new_40hSnagIt Every BigYellowBag pictured above represents 1 cubic yard of Soil³ compost donated to that organization.

Empty BigYellowBag
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