No Mixing Needed

No Mixing Needed

Because Soil3 is free of chemical ingredients and is fully composted into humus, it’s safe organic soil, a.k.a. organic matter, you can plant in directly – no need to mix with other additives. Humus is a term that means it’s fully composted into readily available, natural nutrients that won’t burn your plants.

Soil3 is a dark, rich, moist, organic matter soil that is ready for planting. Read Brie Arthur’s article on Planting Directly in Soil³.

Use Soil3 as your organic soil for all gardening projects:

  • Growing the most beautiful organic lawns;
  • Use it as your main organic-approved gardening soil when creating or topdressing flower beds;
  • Soil³ will serve as topsoil approved for organic gardening;
  • Fill your raised beds and plant your veggies directly in it;
  • Replace other potting mixes with Soil³ and use it as potting soil to plant your container gardens.


Add Soil3 to your preparation plan. Your plants will grow better, look better, and you will enjoy your lawn and garden much more when you start with Soil3.

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Soil³ Guarantee

When you buy our BigYellowBag of Soil³ we are so confident that you will be happy with the quality of our product, that if it’s not to your satisfaction when we deliver it, we will pick up the unused bag for FREE and give you a 100% refund.