Strong & Healthy Roots


Do you want your new lawn to take root and grow strong and healthy? You bet you do. Use Soil3  for new lawn preparation. Prepare your new lawn site before you seed, sod or plant. With a little up-front effort in spreading Soil3, your seeded lawn will amaze you. Soil3 is a humus compost excellent to use as a soil amendment, growing medium, topsoil, and more.

Why Soil3 is great for New Lawn Prep

Why Soil3 is great for New Lawn Prep

  • Improves soil structure through moisture retention
  • Adds organic nutrients and microorganisms to your soil
  • Minimizes, or even eliminates, the need for chemicals and fertilizers
  • Lawn disease suppression
  • Read more benefits of using Soil3 for your lawn!
How to Prepare a New Lawn

How to Prepare a New Lawn

  1. Determine the location of your new lawn or layout the area you want to replant
  2. Remove weeds or large objects from the soil
  3. Thoroughly work over the soil; we recommend using a tiller to break the soil down to the desired size

Once ground preparation is complete, you can use Soil³ for your new lawn by amending your soil as topsoil. Soil3 alters soil structure to absorb the necessary moisture and nutrients into your soil. Once your soil is prepared, it serves as the basis for your grass seed. Soil3 can be spread over the top of your existing soil during new lawn preparation as nutritious mulch. After Soil3 has been added to the soil, cover the seed with some dirt.



Soil³ Guarantee

When you buy our BigYellowBag of Soil³ we are so confident that you will be happy with the quality of our product, that if it’s not to your satisfaction when we deliver it, we will pick up the unused bag for FREE and give you a 100% refund.